The office of High Sheriff is one of only two royal appointments in the county and has been extant since Saxon times. Historically, the Sheriff was responsible for raising troops, collecting taxes and catching criminals, all of which powers have over time been taken on by others. It is now a non-political, voluntary appointment for one year, still representing Law and Order in the county with an increased role in promoting voluntary work in the community

On Maundy Thursday the ancient ceremony was held to transfer the title of High Sheriff from Sophie Hilleary to Rajvinder Kaur Gill in the former courthouse at The Old Shire Hall in Warwick.

Rajvinder Kaur Gill became Warwickshire’s 690th High Sheriff and will serve the County for the 2024/25 Shrieval year.

“I extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone whose support and trust has allowed me to undertake this esteemed position.  A role of great importance to the County of Warwickshire and the Sikh Community as, after over 1000 years of history of the Office of High Sheriff, I am the first Sikh woman to take this ancient role in the UK.”